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Call for unpublished research for intergroup contact / collective action meta-analysis

Dear Colleagues,

Miles Hewstone, Nikhil Sengupta, and I are conducting a meta-analytic review of studies that have examined how intergroup contact affects collective action, perceived discrimination and/or support for reparative policies among members of disadvantaged groups. We are interested in the strength and direction of these relationships, as well as potential mediators and moderators. As this is a growing field of research, unpublished studies are crucial to accurately estimating the magnitude of the effects being examined.

We are looking for unpublished research which:

  1. included participants of a relatively disadvantaged group (real or minimal),
  2. manipulated or measured intergroup contact with members of a relatively advantaged group (real or minimal),
  3. measured collective action (intentions), support for policies that benefit participants' ingroup, and/or perceived discrimination (or relative deprivation, perceived injustice etc.).

We are hoping to also include dissertations, unpublished manuscripts and work currently in progress or press. We would be very grateful if you would be willing to share with us any studies approximately matching our inclusion criteria, regardless of the study’s results. All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged in any resulting publication. Please register any relevant work on this website (, ~1 minute per study). Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Kind regards,

Nils Reimer, Nikhil Sengupta, and Miles Hewstone